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Quick verdict

Partini is a grown-up get-together game where the presence of a cocktail party is assumed. It’s very much a Cranium copycat.

The game and gameplay

Despite the suggestive name, Partini actually has rather little to do with alcohol. The menu-like instructions don’t even encourage players to indulge in the bubbly while playing!

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The only references to spirits you’ll get are that you’re trying to win “coasters”, the games are booze-based in name and there’s this one activity where you bounce a ball into cups – but that’s as “drinking” as it gets!

To play, just add a table to a mix of pals and lay out the game’s coasters. Split into two teams and have the first team draw a facedown coaster at random.

The coaster choice determines the Partini game the team will play, unless they draw a Wild, in which case the drawing team gets to pick the category.If the team succeeds at their group’s game, the coaster is kept as a point marker. Then it’s the next team’s turn.

You’ll think you’re playing Cranium when it comes to the party games. They include Mime Twist, Clay Smoothie, Straight Up, What Not, Hum Punch and Bouncers. Only Straight Up and Bouncers are unique games to Partini; all of the others have been done before.

Click to order Partini, a game you will want to drink to!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Mime Twist is acting, while Clay Smoothie is Pictionary with Play-doh. Straight Up involves rolling a worded to die to form sentences and having one player vote on the best ones.

What Not is a description activity similar to Cranium Hoopla’s Tweener, except you say what an object ISN’T (e.g., It isn’t pie and it isn’t loved by monsters. It’s cake!).

Hum Punch will find your poor teammates trying to decipher what you’re humming in your off-key tone, and Bouncers is a cups-and-ball competition.

Your team needs seven coasters to win, but feel free to add or subtract from that amount for a longer or shorter game.

Don’t have a par-tay to play Partini? Play it like Hoopla; just omit the Straight Up and Bouncers exercises, which require multiple players.

Pros and cons

If you’re a Cranium freak, Partini will offer up new topics but still use the same games. It’s stereotyped as a “classy” activity you can bring to your social situations (just look at the commercial!). It’s built like a suitcase for that exact purpose.

And hey, even though the manufacturers don’t explicitly suggest the addition of alcohol (I guess they don’t want to risk being sued for encouraging potential DUIs), I bet it’s all the more fun if played while slightly tipsy, if that’s your cup of mar-ti-ni.

As far as cons, while I think it’s a neat game idea, Partini kind of loses some credibility for copying Cranium so much. They should have come up with more of their own game ideas.

The verdict

Partini is basically Cranium with an adult/party slant. If you still find that sort of game style fresh and/or think that Guinness beer is “genius” (just with a couple extra letters), then you may be able to drink to Partini.

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Click to order Partini, a game you will want to drink to!

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Feb 05, 2009

drinks & more!

by: Anonymous

we smoke some weed & play this!

what a hoot!!!

Jan 25, 2009

this game rocks

by: Anonymous

i have this game when wwe have friends over we poor out the drinks and have a blast with this game im so glad i bought it

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