Do Tell board game

by Rose

(San Francisco)

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DT Enterprises
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Quick verdict

Do Tell is a lot of fun to play with a group of friends, or a group of new people as it’s the ultimate ice breaker!

The game and gameplay

Do Tell, as implied by its title, is an interactive tell-all game designed to jumpstart, improve and reignite relationships with acquaintances, significant other, family or friends by letting the players reveal something about themselves thus creating an atmosphere of openness.

Think of it as some sort of an open forum, only without much of the drama and seriousness. It is a hilarious and versatile game as it can be played in a PG or R rated version through either the absence or involvement of the additional 25 Spicy cards. Three hundred cards containing over 400 options ensure that there’ll never be a down-time during the game.

Best Icebreaker

Apples to Apples board game!

Apples to Apples

The game starts with a roll of the dice. You move through the board and pick a card. And this is where the excitement starts. The cards could either be a TELL card (revealing your secrets through words) or a DO card (revealing them through actions or demonstration).

Players have to tell or do everything the card says in order to advance through the board. The first one to reach the sun in the center will be declared the winner. Game mechanics is simple enough but this can even be done without and you could just go on and proceed with the cards.

Some questions and dares can get a bit awkward and can really put your shamelessness to the test, especially if you’re not that comfortable with other players. But what’s good about the game is that you’re always in control as to how tactless or daring you want to be. If you want to break out of your comfort zone, this game gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Pros and Cons

Each player has to pick a card that’s either a question (they can get pretty personal!) or a dare to do something silly, fun, and completely unexpected.

I recently played with a group of close friends at a dinner party and was amazed at what I learned about people I’ve known for years, including my sister!

People felt really comfortable opening up and just had fun with it, because that’s what games are all about!

Do Tell is not a game to play in front of small children, as questions about sex come up regularly, which is in part what makes it so entertaining.

The Verdict

I highly recommend this game as a gift, or to whip out at the next dinner party, perhaps after a little wine has been consumed and inhibitions have been lowered.

Click to order Do Tell from Amazon!
Click to order Do Tell from Amazon!

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