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by Christian


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Quick verdict

The Trouble board game is the classic Pop-O-Matic game of fun! What can anyone say about this game? If you haven’t played Trouble at least once in your life, then you must not be from Earth.

The game and gameplay

Honestly I can’t even begin to rate this game, ’cause it’s just a staple in American board game history, right up there with the Monopoly game and Clue board game. (American?! The Brits invented both Trouble AND Cluedo! Ed.)

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The game play is simple at best. There’s a small square board with rounded corners. There are round holes where you stick your color pegs. There are four colors; red, yellow, green and blue.

Everyone starts at one side of the board and the objective is to move all your pegs around the board to the other side and be the first to successfully fill up the other board with your color pegs. So how do you move your peg and how far? The roll of the dice is how!

Sounds easy, right? Wrong!The kicker is that in the center of the board is a dome with a single die inside. You push the dome down and the die is popped back up due to a spring action release. So the dice is entirely random and no one ever touches it.

When you roll high enough that one of your pegs surpasses someone else’s peg, their peg is then returned all the way back to the home area of the board. Hence the title of the game… Trouble!

Pros and cons

I can’t really honestly think of anything bad about this game. You either like it or you don’t. It definitely caters to the age group, as I recall many a grammar school recess spent playing this game and the school day wasn’t complete without the ‘pop, pop, pop’ of the Trouble Pop-o-Matic dome.

It really passes the time, hence the mini version of the game done up in travel size, known as Trouble: Fun On the Run.

The final verdict, you say? I’d have to say I’m very nostalgic of collectibles and games; and Trouble comes as no exception. There are certain games that everyone should be exposed to in one fashion or another.

From Yatzee to Monopoly and even Risk to some extent, the Trouble board game should be played by every playground child from First Grade and up.

The verdict

I do think it’s raining outside, so let me run out and place my FIVE… that’s right, I said five foot prints out of five for this game. It’s simple, easy, time consuming fun and most of all, a lynchpin classic!

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Dec 13, 2009


by: Sammy

I love the came “TROUBLE”

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