Girlfriend’s Intuition

by Lila


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Girlfriend’s Intuition
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Savvy Ideas, LLC
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Footprint score: 3.5/5

Quick verdict

Girlfriend’s Intuition is a funny, extroverted game that can be a great icebreaker for social gatherings of the female persuasion.

What’s it about?

You begin by having your group of guests pair up into teams of two. One person is designated as Gold and the other Silver. Simply decide who will answer questions about their partner first, then have said partner leave the room.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The players that are answering questions about their missing teammate will have one person (The Reader) draw two queries from the Orange “Girls Just Wanna Know” deck and two from the Pink deck.

They are read aloud with their possible multiple-choice answer options. Discussion is allowed, but in time, each player must write down their answer choice about their partner individually. There is also a Whisper Bonus card that the present player must answer about themselves.

The verdict

Girlfriend’s Intuition is a cute game that has, in my opinion, a problem with the basic structure. Although it’s great to play a game that brings you laughs and insights on the people you are gathered with, half of the party is often SEPARATED, waiting for the others to finish their question/answer period. And if some funny moments are revealed, then the team relegated ‘outside’ the party perimeter must hear the laughter and stand wistfully by, while only imagining what fun is going on inside. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, on our turn to ‘sit out’, we managed to chat and drink some wine and enjoy ourselves. But it’s a real failing point that half the players miss some good moments, then have to sort of recap it later on.

I think the game designers don’t do themselves any favors by advertising that the game be played by women you know intimately. I’m at an age where my girlfriends are either no longer in the same city, or are super busy with kids, work and life in general. After several attempts to get my girl pals together with promises of drink and debauchery, I ended up with a group of women whom I barely knew! And lo and behold, the game ended up working just as well. There are many questions in the game where you have to extrapolate the answer no matter how well you know the person, and just make an educated guess based on the personality, history and quirks of the dame in question.

And it’s a good way to get to know perfect strangers. If the questions are too risque, well, you learn about a person by what they won’t talk about as well.

All in all, Girlfriend’s Intuition is a decent game that would do better if it were less contrived and just let girls do what girls do best; share secrets and stories and good times.

One of the best features of GI is the varied cross-section of questions you get
Lots of tactile elements to the game, shall we call them ‘accessories’, girls?

The girly-girl plastic baubles make me kind of wince inside

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Jun 20, 2010

Best Girls’ Night Game Ever

by: Anonymous

This game is well worth the money! I recommend it for any woman who is looking for a game to liven-up any party. We have so much fun every time we play it. I carry it in my car because you never know when an opportunity will present itself. This game is always a hit no matter where it is played and with whom it is played. Again, it is definitely worth every penny spent.

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