Dirty Minds board game

by Amanda Nettgen


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Dirty Minds
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TDC Games Inc.
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Quick verdict

Dirty Minds: The Game of Naughty Clues has been referred to as “The world’s cleanest dirty game.” It puts you against your opponents to try and see who can decipher a variety of “dirty” clues the fastest.

The game and gameplay

Dirty Minds is a popular adult party game consisting of 912 naughty descriptions in four game booklets, 304 “nice” answers and a slew of loose letter cards (only the letters D-I-R-T-Y, mind you).

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!You take turns reading each other clues, and if the player guesses right, he or she fishes for one of the facedown letter cards.

Some examples of clues include:

Clue #1 – I throb when I’m excited.
Clue #2 – A massage brings me to life.
Clue #3 – Pumping is my business.

Answer: A heart.

And the classic one that I found hilarious from the back of the box…

Clue #1 – I’m a four letter word.
Clue #2 – I’m a name for a woman.
Clue #3 – I end in u-n-t.

Answer: An aunt.
A participant wants to try and get the answer in as little number of clues as possible (each play has three), as he is rewarded with more draws from the Dirty Mess card pool the quicker he determines it. Players always have one “free” guess when it comes to figuring out the hints; after that, it will cost them a letter card to continue guessing.

The aim is to spell “dirty” first by determining a lot of descriptions.

Pros and cons

The Dirty Minds board game is an amusing talking game that will generate smug faces and laughter at parties and amongst open-minded adults. It’s a good game to play at bachelorette parties and to keep the teenagers out of trouble for a couple of hours.

The game is quick to accuse you of being a pervert anytime the “innocent” answer doesn’t cross your mind, but I think it’s natural for most people’s brains to automatically think of something rude with these clues. The game really is just asking for it by the way it phrases its clues!

In any event, I think it would be rare for a player to actually say anything dirty for a solution, knowing that they are playing a game where the answers will always be benign.

I also don’t like how many of the clues are obscure and/or could apply to another innocent object.

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The verdict

The Dirty Minds board game will be a laid back and funny distraction for some. It should not be played by those who are easily offended, nor by kids.

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