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Quick verdict

Most games only come with one, maybe two, dice. So when my husband and I were at a bookstore and saw DICEcapades!, “The board game with over 100 dice”, we were intrigued. My husband loves dice, so it was a sure bet.

The game and gameplay

DICEcapades! will remind you of Cranium, but with a dicey (in a good way) twist.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The setup is pretty standard in that you lay out the board (which is jaggedly cut), choose your pawn, and arrange the three category cards, sand timer, and drawing paper. Oh, and organize the 133 dice by type in the divider trays. That could take while.

The person who’s been rolling dice for the least about of time in this life goes first. Players always start by fishing a card according to the region they’re currently parked at (unless they land on a Pick space, which is wild).

The three areas are: Actionland (Blue), Thinkingtown (Yellow) and Triviaville (Red). Cute names, huh?The rules are simple as pie: follow the wacky instructions on the card, and if you’re successful at making an… uh, something of yourself… move forward however many spots the card tells you to.

If you lose, maybe the dice are trying to kill you? (Sorry, Boardgame Beast T-shirt reference!). Stay put and go clockwise to the next contender.

Here are some examples of a few of the awesome challenges you will be partaking in if you play this game:

Click to order The Dice Are Trying To Kill Me T-shirt! – Stand on one leg with one arm out and balance a tower of five dice in the center of your palm.
– Every player who sports a tattoo can advance one space if they show it.
– Roll the die and run in and out of that many number of rooms in 30 seconds.
– Roll all of the picture dice and put them in ABC order within 30 seconds.
– Roll the picture dice and move one spot for every item you could wear.
– Roll a letter die. Name a car, color, TV show, breakfast cereal, and band that begin with that letter in 30 seconds.

Some of the cool dice include: Mini Dice, Picture Dice, Poker Dice and Funky Die (a mini die *inside* of a bigger clear die!).

The first person to get to the End and complete a Final Challenge of the other players’ choice wins the game.

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Pros and cons

DICEcapades! is super fun and zany! And lo and behold, it’s actually a cleverly-disguised thinking game. It’s a blast for couples and families, and probably wouldn’t make a bad get together activity, either.

The game does have some cons… primarily that you will burn through all of the unique challenge cards after just a few games (like three!). Randomness of the dice helps somewhat.

The packaging is pretty cheap for such a great game. We store the game’s dice trays on a bookshelf rather in the box, as there’s no way to keep them organized in there.

The verdict

A near-perfect score for this one-of-a-kind trivia, drawing and word game. If you’d rather not have a boring board game closet, get DICEcapades!

Boardgame Beast gives DICEcapades! four-and-a-half footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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Nov 28, 2009


by: Anonymous

it is so fun

Jul 25, 2009

great game

by: Anonymous

great game

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