Poser the Party Game

by Alli

(Littleton, CO)

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Poser the Party Game
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Quick verdict

Poser the Party Game is the newest installment from Babooshnik. The company also manufactures The Dirt Game. Poser is a lightweight and ultimately disappointing offering.

The game and gameplay

Poser is an adult party game for 3-6 players. The game board is pretty simplistic, but does not take up much space, which is good.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The game comes with everything you might need, Game board, cards, a die, answer sheets, and game tokens. There even 6 full-size pencils with actual erasers; no golf pencils here!

Setup is pretty easy, each person gets one of the aforementioned pencils, an answer pad, a game token and a small sticky-note to put their name on in the game piece. The person “with the most hair” gets to go first.

That person rolls the die, which will come up either “Future”, “Present” or “Past”. Then, he or she (in this case we’ll say it is me) grabs a card, and reads aloud the question under whichever heading they roll.

Some of the questions are pretty funny, such as “Given the opportunity I would gladly lick_________ off_________”. I don’t know about you, but to me that question has some hilarious answers!

Some if the questions are unclear or idiotic, such as “The story of my family should someday be written by_____”. Who cares? That is a question I wouldn’t be able to answer, let alone one of my friends.But let’s take the first question as my example. Let’s say I would “…gladly lick ‘cookie dough’ off ‘a spoon'”. I write that down on my answer sheet. My friends, we’ll say 2, so we have the minimum players, are Jack and Jill. They are supposed to come up with a “bluff” answer.

One that might match mine or sound like something I would say. Jill fills in her answer of “whip cream” and “Wesley Snipes’ chest”. Jack says “salt” and “margarita glass”.

They hand me their sheets, and I place them on the “podium”, a flat paper holder so I can read all the answers and write on the papers. A good idea and actually a useful one. It helps to have a book or something rigid underneath it, though.

I read all of our answers aloud and everyone votes on what they think is the real answer (excluding me). Jack votes on Jill’s answer. Jill votes on my answer. I get to move ahead the number of spaces my answer gets, which in this case is 1. But Jill gets to go ahead 2 spaces. 1 for voting for the real answer (mine) and 1 because Jack votes for her. And so on and so forth.

The game is over when someone lands EXACTLY on the “win” space. If you overshoot it, you have to loop around.

When I played this with 4 friends, it took forever because of having to land exactly on the “win” space. We went around and around for about 15 minutes until someone finally landed on it. Honestly, we were all relieved.

Pros and cons

This game has some fun parts, but the scoring is sometimes tedious, especially after a while. The questions go from cute to obtuse to inane. Some of the questions even I couldn’t think of answer to.

Others I know the answer, but it is something my friends would never know. We had too many cards where no one got the main person’s answer.

Granted, some of the answers were really amusing, and not PG, but overall the game was awkward and not as much fun as I thought it would be. I know this is billed for adults, but some of VIP cards were downright stupid. The VIP cards are randomly spaced throughout the rest of the cards. If you get one, you real it aloud and it is treated like an I.O.U.

One of these made me think this game was for teenage girls. The card in question had everyone write an item of clothing them would let me borrow. I then chose one of them, and then actually borrow it.

As a grown woman, I do still occasionally raid my female friends’ closets, but does anyone see this really happening with a bunch of guys? I don’t think so. In the end, we read them aloud and just ignored them. Everyone agreed they were dumb. I am not sure the point of the VIP cards, but whatever it was, we didn’t get it.

The verdict

Overall, Poser the Party Game was tedious and annoying. It took too long, the overall questions were badly written and it really wasn’t much fun.

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Nov 20, 2008

great ice breaker

by: Anonymous

I found Poser to be a great way to get the party started. I have played Poser with different groups of people, as low as 4 people and as high as 16 people and a great time was had by all. It was so much fun that a couple of times, we forgot to score and just answered questions. I would recommend it to anyone. I think the best way to approach the questions is to have fun and not be too serious about the accuracy of the answers.

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