Naughty Charades

by Amanda Nettgen


Sexy Slang: Naughty Charades game. Click to order!Game:
Naughty Charades
Game manufacturer:
PFF Entertainment LLC
Number of players:
4 or more (possible for just couples)
18+ (suggestive – I mean suggested – age)

Quick verdict

Sexy Slang’s Naughty Charades is a spin-off to its parent board game, Sexy Slang. You don’t have to be shy about coming to the conclusion that it has something to do with sex and acting, because that’s exactly right.

The game and gameplay

The game likes to boast that it is “The PERFECT Party Icebreaker”, but that may not be the case unless you’re with a group of open-minded friends.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The small but flashy “Warning: Adult Content” bubble may not be enough to convince those who were expecting a cute – rather than sometimes crude – game.

Naughty Charades is simple to learn as it plays almost exactly like regular charades (ear pulling and all), just with some taboo terms. The idea is to have both teams make asses out of themselves while the remaining players try to guess what is being acted out.


Performers may not speak, but they can moan and groan to their heart’s content. Because this is ‘Naughty’ Charades, feel free to cheat and cop a look at what the other team’s actor is doing for additional clues.Sexy Slang is the original version of this game. Click to order!Behaviors are determined prior to the erotic-minded entertainers’ display. The die will read Sexy Things, Sexy Activities, or Wild Card.

Sexy Things are sexual objects or nouns, while Sexy Activities are verbs like “booty call” (perhaps you would point to your bum while simultaneously pretending to talk on the telephone).

Wild Card is varied and likely harder to guess, as your teammates don’t know if it’s a noun, verb, etc. like with the other two categories.

The first member to shout out the correct answer “scores” a point for his team. Actors are switched, and play continues in the same manner until one team finds themselves on top…with ten points, that is!

Pros and cons

If you’re like me and think censoring is dumb, you’re likely to find Sexy Slang’s Naughty Charades to be hilarious.

It’s ideal for outgoing people who like acting games. It could even be a fun Date Night with a (hopefully) equally open-minded spouse.

Settlers of Catan Hex Goddess spaghetti top shirt. Click to order from Zazzle!If you’re the against-premarital-sex type or would be just plain offended by blunt terminology like “fisting” or “masturbation with a shower head”, then this game’s definitely not for you.

The verdict

If you or any of the people you would play with would pick Bashful as the dwarf they most closely relate to, stay away. But Naughty Charades scores four footprints for those who would pick Happy dwarf and add a “Mr.”.

Boardgame Beast gives Sexy Slang: Naughty Charades four footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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Feb 22, 2010

Sexxxxxy funnny

by: Kim

Funny and hot to play

Jan 21, 2010


by: Anonymous


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