Bohnanza game

by Ellen Whealton

(Austin, TX)

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Quick Verdict

Bohnanza is a quick and easy game that can be loads of fun with the right crowd. It is easy to learn and play, so older kids can enjoy this one too. This is better played in a group of six, because the politics of the game are more interesting that way. The theme and gameplay make Bohnanza light and fun. Good for social gamers or strategists that need a break from the complex games for awhile.

The game and gameplay

The main premise of the Bohnanza game is to create fields of beans and then sell them or trade them for gold. Players sit around a table with five cards each. Each turn, a player must carry out four actions:

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!1. Plant and Sell – Plant a bean in his/her bean field by laying that card face up on the table. The player then can sell unwanted beans from his/her hand to other players at the table.

2. Trading and donations – During this stage, the player draws two cards from the draw pile and leaves them face up on the table. The player may keep both, but both cards must be planted immediately if they are taken. If they are not wanted, then other players can bid, buy, trade, bargain, or simply take them to be nice.3. Growing beans – The player can take his/her bean field and trade it for money. Some beans are more expensive than others, so this action depends on the player’s discretion.

4. Draw – The player finishes the turn by drawing three bean cards and placing them in order in the back of his/her hand.

When the draw pile runs out for the third time, the person with the most gold is the winner!

Bohnanza gets fun when the trading begins. We often will trade two for one or even trade in hopes of “future consideration” within the game. That is fun because you are taking a gamble with that bet.

You never know if your competitor will help you or help themselves later on. That is in part what makes this game fun. Politics are a major part of this game. One has to be ready to charm and dazzle opponents to get the best deal!

The Bohnanza game is so easy to learn and quick that it is possible to have Bohnanza competitions. The first player to win three games in a row wins the championship! Alternatively, we have had times where we have shortened the game by going through the draw pile only once rather than three time.

The adaptability of this game is probably the number one reason we like it so much.

Pros and cons

The Bohnanza game is quick to learn, easy and often fairly fast to play. It is fun for a group of people that you know well and joke around with.

It is especially fun when there is a clear leader, because the other players tend to be more giving and helpful in an effort to keep that person from winning. It also has a very funny theme, which keeps the game lighthearted.

Bohnanza is not as much fun if you have a group of serious gamers. These types of gamers seem to be more caught up in strategy and rules and this game wouldn’t meet those needs. Also, it is one that you need to break up with other games every now and then.

Too much of the bean game is too much of a good thing.

The verdict

The Bohnanza game is a “classic trading game.” It is unique to other trading games because it has a fun theme and characters. It also has new rules that keep it new and interesting. It can also be changed on a whim if you feel the need. Buy it if you have a fun-loving group that will keep the game moving with fun trades and laughter. If you have a more serious group of gamers, this one might not be for you.

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Oct 17, 2011

this suck

by: Anonymous

this sucks

Apr 13, 2010

Bean Trading Goodness

by: Kevin

This is a great family game. Never fails to be a hit.

Sep 27, 2009

Awesome fun!

by: The Beast!

Here at Boardgame Beast HQ, we had the chance to try Bohnanza several times while our friend Douglas Gloag was visiting from Japan.

It’s really excellent. Such a simple concept. All you need is the cards and a sense of humour! Five out of five all the way.

Jun 18, 2009

eKricket, please get in touch!

by: The Beast!

We’d love you to write “how to win” articles for Boardgame Beast. We’ll even pay you, or arrange for free game samples to be shipped to you. Please get in touch using the Contact Us form at the top right of any page!

Jun 18, 2009

Strategy, not just Game explanation

by: ekricket

I played this a few times over the weekend, and here are my views. Since you go through the deck three times, remembering what has been harvested can become critical. You don’t have to be exact, but generally knowing helps. One key aspect to the strategy – when cards are harvested, some are taken out of play. This is very important for the rarer cards, the ones where there are less than 10.
1. Generally, you should try right off the bat to plant the rarer cards during the first run through the deck. Chances are most people will have planted the common cards (there are more of them)so they will trade the rare ones for commons pretty easy, and you should be getting plenty of commons. Try not to harvest the rare ones until the deck has been gone through at least one time.
2. You can guess where it is going here – the second time through try and harvest any rare ones that are left, but by the end of this run through the deck you should be set up to start collecting the commons.
3. Don’t waste trades on the rares the third time through, unless you can plant them and harvest them almost immediately. The deck is thin by now, so you need to have commons planted and be working on getting them up to at least the paying level.
A second key aspect to the game is watching what has been harvested. If people are being forced to harvest commons before they have the max, then there will still be many in play at the end. If people manage to harvest the max on commons then they will be in shorter supply at the end.
Sometimes it is better to not take a card, even if you need it. This forces the drawer to harvest something, and puts cards back into play for the next run through the deck. This point is especially important if he is collecting the same thing as you – he may harvest that field, putting your cards back into play, but more importantly not be competing for the same cards anymore.
Don’t trade and giveaway at random. If two people want a card, and you are giving it up, make sure the one you give it to is not collecting your other beanfield cards, as they will likely return the favor on one of your fields in the future.
God, there is a ton more, but hopefully this will get the ball rolling.

Oct 16, 2008

Great game

by: Anonymous

I love this game for many, many reasons. First, the game includes a lot of interaction — every turn involves trading cards among players.

Second, the game is fun for everyone, not just people who consider themselves serious gamers (but serious gamers will like it, too). The wide appeal stems from the fact that the game concept combines a moderate amount of strategy with a heavy dose of interaction. (Another game that combines strategy with interaction is Settlers of Catan–try it, too. However, note that Settlers incorporates more strategy than does Bohnanza.)

Third, the idea for the game is unique and funny — the artwork on the cards is hilarious.

The only drawback I see to the game is that if you play with slow players, the game can go forever. Also, note that children under the age of about 10 or 11 won’t be able to grasp the rules very well.

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