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Parker Brothers
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3 or more

Quick verdict

Picti0nary the board game is a great choice if you’re looking for a party game that’s sure to be a hit, or simply a fun option for that family game night.

The game and gameplay

Pictionary is considered an American classic when it comes to fun party games. It’s not just for budding artists!

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Gather ’round the colorful checkered board and get ready for some laughter! You start by picking teams, of which it’s up to your group to decide how fair they will be. Will you evenly divide the assumed skill levels, or will you operate on a “I called him first!” advantage?

Next, decide who will be the Picturist for your team first. Play begins by having all teams participate in an All Play challenge, vying for the right to move first.

In All Play, teams simultaneously have their Picturist attempt to draw what is listed under the All Play heading of the first card. It is the remaining team members’ job to try to guess what the other player is communicating to them. The first group to achieve success gets the starting turn.

Play continues in the same way All Play was described, except when it is a team’s turn, only their respective team members will attempt to guess what is being drawn, unless it is again an All Play prompt. A team keeps going so long as they’re guessing right, and the colorful tiles tell players which card category to draw from.

In addition to All Play, the drawing categories include Action, Object, Difficult and Person/Place/Animal. A Picturist can also opt to draw a Fun Phrase card, unique to the 20th anniversary edition.

The game gets even wilder if you choose to use the included Challenge die. You just might find yourself having to sketch with your eyes closed, with your non-dominant hand, or without lifting the pencil!

A team wins by reaching the end of the board path first and correctly completing a final drawing challenge.
Pros and cons

Pictionary is lots of fun at parties or group gatherings. You’ll laugh good-naturedly at each other’s attempts to draw both basic and complex things. Perhaps you’ll find a partner who you’ll have a “psychic” Pictionary connection to where you’ll be able to guess what they’re drawing without them having to even put much on the paper.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can play Pictionary by yourself for it to have a point. It’s difficult with two players, too, as you’ll have to draw for each other to advance, and there may be a conflict of interest there.

It’s not good for individuals who take their drawing too seriously.

The verdict

Pictionary the board game is a definite must to play at some point in one’s life. It’s one of those games you’ll never grow tired of or grow out of. It should provide many happy memories at social events.



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