Dirt Game

by Alli

(Denver, CO, USA)

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The Dirt Game
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4-8 or more

Quick verdict

Ah, playing with dirt. This used to be a pastime suitable only for kids. Well, with this new boardgame, it is suitable only for adults. Nah Nah!! This time only grown-ups get to play. So grab a bunch of friends, an adult beverage of your choice and let’s play!

The game and gameplay

The Dirt Game is a new adult board game put out by Babooshnik. It involves a combination of truth and telepathy.(OK, it’s not really telepathy, but it would be useful to win). The point of the game is to go from “Dirty” (each player basically being a dirty T-shirt) to “Clean”.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The only way to be come clean is to answer questions correctly, and for some, guess who else would either answer the same or “yes”. Sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

Each player picks out a clothes pin and a matching voting dial of the same color. (Note, if you have few enough people, avoid using the red, pink and orange colors together. They are very similar on the voting dials and pieces, and can lead to some confusion if people aren’t paying attention or have difficulty differentiating similar shades of colors.)Now the voting dials have both an inner and an outer dial. The inner dial is how you answer the question for yourself.

Depending on what type of question asked your answer will be “Yes, No, A, B or C”. Always turn the dial so only you can see the answer until all players reveal their answer. We all flipped ours over when we were done. The outer dial is where the useful ability of telepathy comes in. Or you can use the old-fashioned skill known as deductive reasoning. A very useful skill, especially when playing with good friends. (Myself, I prefer mind-reading, but as my crystal ball is out of batteries, it doesn’t work anymore.)

Click to buy the Dirt Game from Amazon!Click to buy the Dirt Game from Amazon!On the outer dial is where you will decide what the other players have chosen. Don’t worry about remembering all of this, the cards give you instructions, and when all else fails, you can actually read the directions that came in the box.

So, each player grabs a clothes pin, writes their name on the T-shirt pad of paper provided and grabs their matching voting dial. Next all the players line up in the “Dirty” section of the board, and decided who was the last person that did a load of laundry. That person gets to go first. So, Player A rolls the die provided. On it, it has the categories of the five types of cards, plus a “You Choose” side, so that the six-sided die actually uses all six sides. Convenient! I love it when they think of these things!

Once the person rolls on a category, then the player reads the card aloud. For example, the player rolled on “Without a Doubt”. The player then chooses the 1st card in that category and reads the card aloud (it even says to on the card itself. I told you they thought of everything.), choosing for herself on the inner dial her answer to her question.

On the outer dial (as the card tells her to) she picks the color of one of the people that she is sure (come on, telepathy!) will, without a doubt, answer “yes”.

An example of this type of question is “Have you videotaped one of your sexual escapades?” So, Player A chooses an answer for herself, then looks at her friends around her and picks a color of a person she thinks has.

The outer dial has all of the colors of the clothes pins, as well as numbers 1-8 and the word “none”. “None” would be chosen if our player thought no-one would have the gumption to do as the card asked. Everyone makes their decision, then flips over their dials.

Player A flips over the card to view how to score the question. In this case, she chose the one person that actually answered “yes” and so she gets to move ahead two spaces. Anyone else that also matched the same person that said yes, would also move head two spaces. And so on and so forth.

Each different category has different types of questions and different scoring. The first person to reach “Clean” wins. And that is how simple The Dirt Game game is! If you can read and count, you can play!

Pros and cons

In the game most recently played with friends, we had six of us, and the game would only have lasted about 45 minutes total, had it not been a tie. Now the box says to have an disinterested third party read to the people that are in the tie “Dirty World” questions as a tie-breaker. First one that answers the question(s) correctly, wins.

Well, for us, this tie-breaker took 20 minutes, since my friend and I both either knew the answers, or both got it wrong. 18 questions later, we were all a bit relieved she finally won.

So, as a tip, either drink more alcohol (if you want) so someone will mess up quicker, have dumber friends, or maybe use some of the other cards as a tie breaker.

The verdict

Other than that little demonstration of mind reading on both our parts, it was a great time. I learned things about my friends I never wanted to know, and we all laughed until our sides ached.

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Oct 27, 2009

Lot of fun

by: ashley reid sutton

Decent game! PS Thomas rocks

Dec 20, 2008

My dials are misprinted!

by: Andrea

This game is really neat! I love the laundry theme throughout; it makes it different and more interesting than other games I’ve played. My biggest complaint is that my laundry dials are misprinted!! For example, if I am the pink player and I want to choose the green player, I can’t because my pink dial doesn’t have a green dot (but it does have a pink dot which is pointless since I would never choose myself). A few of the other dials are missing a random color too! It’s so random that I can’t just pull them apart and switch them around. I don’t know if I just happened to pick a bad one or if they’re all flawed like that!

Either way, it’s a cool game and I will color over the bad ones to be able to keep playing!!

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