Moment of Truth

by Amanda Nettgen


The Moment of Truth, complete with lie detector widget! Click to buy from Amazon.The Moment of Truth, complete with lie detector widget! Click to buy from Amazon.Game:
The Moment of Truth
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Quick verdict

The Moment of Truth will find you having more than a few “moments” of honesty with friends. It’s based on of the Fox game show of the same name.

The game and gameplay

The Moment of Truth is kind of like Truth or Dare for adults (sans the “dare”). If you’re brave enough to potentially ‘fess up to some of the skeletons in your closet, then this could be the party game for you.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!You start by laying out the pyramid board, shuffling the Questions cards, and picking your “hot seat” pawn. Each player places their respective piece of furniture on the lowest rung of the Scoreboard.

Whoever’s getting grilled first has another player read them either a blue or red question, depending on where they are on the board. The interrogator always has a choice between two questions, and they may even modify highlighted parts of the query to make it that much more personal (or not).The defendant must respond in proper form (like Jeopardy): “I have…” or “I have not _____ .” The accused may pass if the truth is too juicy, so long as they have a Pass token.

The other players must then determine if the contender is being faithful to honesty or not. If they believe the person, that player moves up one level in the money pyramid, no questions asked.

If the group thinks they’ve got a fibber on their hands – or if the lie detector icon is already below the read question – the participant must take a “high-tech” Lie Detector test, which consists of placing one’s fingers on some metal grooves and waiting for the result.

If the Detector rats you out, you must move down one spot on the Scoreboard (even if you really were telling the truth; board game toy lie detectors don’t lie, kid).

Special cards exist, like My Own Question, Take the Test!, and Dish the Dirt. My Own Question is, naturally, any question formatted by the reader himself. Take the Test! can be held onto to force another player to take the Lie Detector test, while Dish the Dirt requires the full gossip on a recipient’s story.

The first player to “honestly” make it to the top of the short Scoreboard… or successfully lie themselves silly to get there… wins the game.

Pros and cons

This is a good party game if you’re a fan of the “Never Have I Ever” drinking game, have some people you desire to have open up, or are just plain nosy in general. Most of the questions really aren’t that bad (“Have you ever cheated at Monopoly?” Puh-lease), so don’t worry.

By the same token, a lot of the questions may find you murmuring, “I don’t know”, or “I really can’t remember.” If you’re playing with a spouse or some other person who knows you well, best of luck getting away with lying.

The worst part of the game is that a Made in China Lie Detector will hardly be accurate. As long as you’re able to stay calm while playing this board game, it should register “true” more often than not.

If you take the game too seriously or are nervous to admit even minor things in front of people your heart rate may become elevated, and then the device will read “false”. Or go do some chin-ups like I did before taking the test, and then you will get a false even when telling the truth.

The verdict

The Moment of Truth will work for some. Others may think you are having a “momentary” lapse of judgment if you suggest playing it.

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