Blood Bowl Undead

by The Beast!

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OMG. What was I doing in 1987? You can bet it was a paper round or part-time SOMETHING to earn the cash to feed my Citadel Miniatures addiction! BloodBowl was a cult classic from Games Workshop that would have done better in its native England if they’d based it on Rugby instead of American Football. You could only play with card tokens until they began releasing Blood Bowl miniatures in the late 80s.

BB2 was, oddly, released in issue 87 of White Dwarf magazine, while BB1, the Ogre, wasn’t featured in the publication until issue 101, when it made the front cover. Read about the Blood Bowl Ogre BB1 here.

See more miniatures and stuff relating to the superb 1980s fantasy Football game, Blood Bowl by Games Workshop.

Thanks to Richard ‘Orclord’ Hale and the superb miniatures website Stuff of Legends for permission to use the images and other information.

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