Blood Bowl Goblins

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Continuing the rush of team releases to build the momentum of the BloodBowl franchise, which was gaining popularity, Games Workshop released this Goblin team in 1988. Goblins were one of the most popular races in the Citadel range, and were known for their funny poses and details, which is also true of the BloodBowl team (check out the cheerleader!).

A complete set of BloodBowl Gobbos can be put together these days, but it won’t be easy: in general you are forced to buy single miniatures whenever you can find them to re-unite the team. This does have the advantage of you being able to add as many of each positional player as you want.

See more on the superb 1980s fantasy Football game, Blood Bowl by Games Workshop.

Thanks to Richard ‘Orclord’ Hale and the superb miniatures website Stuff of Legends for permission to use the images and other information.

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