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HeroQuest Miniatures by Games Workshop

If you’re a fan of the classic RPG board game HeroQuest, originally released in the mid-late 1980s by Games Workshop in collaboration with MB Games, then chances are over the years you’ve either lost parts of the game, or wondered whether there is more you can add to the miniatures side of the game.

The minis which come with the base game are plastic. Quite nicely detailed, but still, plastic is just not what most people think of when they fondly remember Warhammer miniatures from their youth.

One of the intriguing elements of a company best-known for miniatures producing board games was their ability to put out exclusive minis to expand your experience. So for example, if you bought Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb the board game, then you could set aside the cardboard tokens and replace them with superb 3D metal versions later. continues below

While there were plenty of run-of-the-mill minis to replace the basic monsters in the game, including dozens of skeletons, goblins, orcs, Chaos warriors and ogres, you would have to search quite a while, or send in mail order, to get the specific hero minis.

Fortunately for collectors everywhere, eBay now makes it really easy to find HeroQuest miniatures. Simply click here to find the ones you’re looking for!

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We’d love to see photos of your hand-painted HeroQuest miniatures! Why not send us photos of your handiwork? Click here to contact us.

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