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I seem to remember buying boxed Blood Bowl teams in the early 90s, but I can’t find anything online to support this memory! Anyway, the teams you’ll find for sale are often much better — either well painted or containing Star Players and other special editions, as with the excellent Chaos team pictured above.

There’s a price for convenience. We’ve seen “pro painted” teams selling for as much as $225 on eBay, which is still not a bad price if you’re looking for a quick fix for the problem of switching races to try a new team. Our advice is to check eBay on a regular basis and strike when you see the right selection at the right price.

See more on the superb 1980s fantasy Football game, Blood Bowl by Games Workshop.

Thanks to Richard ‘Orclord’ Hale and the superb miniatures website Stuff of Legends for permission to use the images and other information.

Share YOUR team! Send us a write-up and pics and we’ll publish your championship-winning line-up.

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