Blood Bowl Humans

by The Beast!

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I love the fact that Citadel made space for a Referee in this set! But Humans were never really my cup of tea in BloodBowl. Maybe because I am human (allegedly), the escapism factor wasn’t strong enough for me to want to play a human team. Still, this was a finely-crafted set. The painted examples by Mark Coppelstone show three different team color concepts, but I based my own efforts on English football teams.

We found one or two complete Human teams on eBay, but in general you will probably have to mix and match with the odd figure here and there, especially if you’re interested in the limited editions and Blood Bowl Star Players.

See more on the superb 1980s fantasy Football game, Blood Bowl by Games Workshop.

Thanks to Richard ‘Orclord’ Hale and the superb miniatures website Stuff of Legends for permission to use the images and other information.

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