Monopoly playing pieces

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Click to search for replacement or collectible Monopoly playing pieces on eBay!Click to search for replacement or collectible Monopoly playing pieces on eBay!Monopoly playing pieces have a habit of getting themselves lost.

First there’s the “CHEAT!!” attrition. You know, when you accuse your friend of cheating and kick the board across the room. That’s usually good for one lost playing piece every couple of years.

Then comes the “Too drunk to care” moment when, after a long night of board games and vodkatinis, you wave a hand at the mess and declare that you’ll tidy up in the morning. Only to find on waking that your dog/cat/children woke up early and spread EVERY component of EVERY boardgame across the entire downstairs of the house.

Finally there are the collectors. No matter how obscure an item is, somebody out there collects it. It was only a matter of time before Monopoly tokens became hot property in their own right. This means your beloved car from the original 1935 set, which you picked up for 50c at a rummage sale, is no longer just something you can play with; it’s now a rare and valuable item and must be protected.

All of which screams out for you to explore eBay. There’s no better resource for sourcing Monopoly playing pieces, be they old, new, rare or just ordinary replacements for the missing ones from your set.

If you see anything you like in the listing below, click to be taken to the eBay auction page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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