Replacement Risk game pieces to rescue your best board game from retirement!

Risk game pieces have a habit of going AWOL during missions. In our household, either the cat would chase them off the table and maul them, or we’d play while drunk and end up wondering where all the soldiers had got to.

The good news is, BoardgameBeast has found a perfect way to replace your Risk games armies. Simply browse the eBay feed below and buy yourself some replacements. Often, they’re for sale very cheaply, sometimes 99c for a single color army, or $5 for a full set!

Before long, you'll be fighting tooth and nail over Kamchatka again and the cat will be happily ingesting more plastic men, horses and canons.

Click to search eBay for replacement Risk parts.

Any questions? Nervous about shopping online? Email us with your Risk questions. We'll be happy to help.

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