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Once you use the last of the original Yahtzee score cards, what do you do? I mean, okay, you COULD copy all the info down onto scraps of paper, but that’s hardly fun when the family are all waiting to play another round.

Treat yourselves to a new, clean score cards pad and enjoy the game to its max! Other gamers highly recommend these. There are replacement score pads available for all the major versions of Yahtzee.

You can also find printable yahtzee score sheet sellers on eBay. These aren’t strictly original editions, but I doubt whether too many people will care much. They work pretty well. You never run out of score sheets, because you can just print out more when you’ve used them up!

If this bothers you, and you must have original ones, then use the Amazon link — you’ll be getting original score sheets. Obviously if you’re buying score sheets as a gift, you will want to go down this route.

Where you will struggle is finding specific score sheets for special editions of Yahtzee. We found some sellers on eBay listing Triple Yahtzee score sheets and vintage sheets, so it’s worth checking out this link.

Always be sure to check the current eBay prices — you’ll often save big money over the Amazon price.

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