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Click to search eBay for Monopoly play money!Click to search eBay for Monopoly play money!Monopoly play money feels like REAL money when you’re a kid. There’s nothing quite so much fun as grabbing the bills out of the bank and pretending to buy Dad’s car.

Our favourite story about Monopoly money comes from our nephew, who took an orange bill and said to his sister, “I’ll give you $500 to go away.”

The problem is, that lovely crinkly money has a habit of disappearing. Like when Lucas took home the $500s and forgot to give them back to us. Or when Jasper pretended he had won the lottery and threw it all up in the air.

Some bright spark has designed an awesome Monopoly Money tunic, too! Cool or what?

Without the money, your options for actually playing Monopoly are seriously limited. Luckily for we mortals who are so disorganized, we would lose our heads if they weren’t stitched on, you can buy replacement Monopoly play money from eBay or Amazon.

We’ve set up easy links for you, including a live eBay listing widget below. When you see the item you want, simply click!

Click to search eBay for Monopoly play money!
Click to search eBay for Monopoly play money!

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