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Why would anybody need replacement Scrabble tiles? Can’t people look after their board games?

I guess people who think like this never had kids, or pets. Or a little too much wine while playing their regular Scrabble game. (Check out these cool Scrabble wine charms for when it gets hard to tell whose glass is whose!)

It’s surprising how expensive replacement Scrabble tiles can be.

You can expect to pay a hefty $ for a brand new set of standard wooden Scrabble tiles from Amazon, and the price on eBay varies, depending on what the person is selling. $ for a set of used ones is about right, and we don’t really see much difference in new vs used. Scrabble tiles are pretty resilient.

Where the real challenge comes in is finding replacement tiles for non-standard Scrabble game editions. If you lose a piece from a Franklin Mint Scrabble set, that’s pretty easy, ironically: sellers offer these individually, so replacing them will cost you about $ per letter.

For the more obscure sets, like Scrabble Star Trek, you’re really going to struggle. The problem is not so much that the replacement Scrabble tiles for these editions don’t exist — they surely must — but that the seller may not know exactly what they’re selling.

To be honest, unless you have an incomplete set, such as a Shrek scrabble set with the broken board, and therefore have a clue what you have in your possession, could YOU tell apart tiles from, say, The Nightmare Before Christmas Scrabble and Star Trek Scrabble? We’re not sure we could, and we have played tons of different editions!

If we were to sell spare tiles, we’d describe them by color:

Red and Maroon Scrabble Tiles

Black Scrabble Tiles

Franklin Mint Scrabble Tiles

Blue Scrabble Tiles

Gold Scrabble Tiles

Green Scrabble Tiles

Travel Edition Mini Scrabble Tiles

You might be forced to invest in a job lot of replacement Scrabble tiles from eBay, and sort out what you need, keeping the rest. The good news is, there are lots of fun things to do with Scrabble tiles.

You can make Scrabble jewelry out of them, including necklaces, earrings and charm bracelets;

You can create Scrabble Christmas ornaments with Scrabble replacement tiles;

You can glue them to magnets to stick onto your fridge;

You can glue them to your children’s doors to make name plates, or add them to a lunchbox to personalize it;

You can glue them to an old board, and add a clock mechanism as a fun Scrabble gift item;

You can make a picture frame or mirror, by gluing the letters around the edge;

You can make a Scrabble family tree, by gluing the word FAMILY across the top, and branching off to the names of all your family members below.

We’ve done all the hard work by finding the spare Scrabble tiles on eBay for you. But if you have other resources or Scrabble craft ideas, please let us know by writing a quick note to the Beast.

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Click to buy Scrabble Replacement Tiles from Amazon!
Click to buy this item from Amazon!

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