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Click to search for Monopoly tokens on eBay!Click to search for Monopoly tokens on eBay!Monopoly tokens have become a huge collectable in their own right, as collectors of various editions of the game seek out the limited edition versions of those little pewter doodads.

It’s all a bit scary. For example, in Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition, your set contains a random selection of six tokens from a total of 24 different.

Short of buying lots of box sets to complete the series, or ripping open the boxes in a superstore and stealing them (neither is recommended or endorsed by us!!), your best bet for completing the collection is to search for Monopoly tokens on eBay.

We’ve done all the hard work (don’t pity us, please): set up the widget below for you to begin your search.

See something you like? Great, simply click to be taken directly to the auction item.

It’s also worth having a look on Amazon, as some people sell the rare Gold Tokens on there.

And there’s always the Reebok Women’s Courtee Monopoly Tokens tennis shoes to consider!

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