Beatles Monopoly

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

Click to order Beatles Monopoly from Amazon!The Beatles MonopolyClick to order Beatles Monopoly from Amazon! must be one to watch for future resale value.

We’d buy up a couple and shove them under the bed to resell when the next one of the Fab Four kicks the bucket and interest in the greatest band in history peaks again.

At least we would, if we hadn’t filled the space under our bed already with 42 Lord of the Rings Monopoly sets.

The best bit about this game? The tokens based on famous songs. You can forget about fighting over the little dog: when playing this edition, you’ll be squabbling over the right to shout “I am the walrus!”.

Over on eBay, some poor recession-hit so-and-so is flogging theirs for just a little. Don’t feel any sympathy. Snap it up at that price.

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