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Monopoly Deal is a simple and fun take on the classic board game. Players begin with five cards each. You must decide whether to bank your cards to create cash, or keep them to use for property sets and against other players.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!Cards include the well-known colored sets, plus Action cards and cash (the minimum denomination is $1m). On their turn, players take two cards from the top of the deck and then may play up to three cards from their hand.

The aim of the game is to make three sets of different colored properties. Once a set is built, it may not be broken up (but the Deal Breaker action card can be used to steal an entire set from another player).

Rent cards are themed to two different color sets. Playing these will claim cash from one other player. You can “stack” your property set, once finished, with a house and a hotel card, or even use a Double Rent card to really put the heat on your opponent.When faced with a request for rent, it is up to the player charged rent to decide how to pay. Obviously taking cash from the bank is the first choice, but after that, using properties as cash is your only option. The player receiving the rent may only place these properties into their bank, not use them as part of their property portfolio. Unable to pay in full? You’re bankrupt and out of the game.

There are wild cards which can count as any property of the two colors on the card, and super-wilds which count as ANY property!

The real fun comes from the Action cards. As well as the aforementioned Deal Breaker, there are cards like It’s My Birthday, Sly Deal, Debt Collector and Just Say No. The card Pass Go is the most common one and allows a player to take two cards from the top of the deck. All Action cards may be banked as cash if you prefer — their cash value is included in a circle on the card.

Monopoly the Card Game is a very portable game; everything folds neatly away into a box little bigger than a regular set of cards. This makes it a great choice of travel games. It’s not often that so many people on Amazon agree on a game. Monopoly Deal averages five stars out of five!

It’s more fun with three or more players. Up to five people can play with a single set, but you’ll need two sets if six or more want to play.

It’s not really Monopoly, but Monopoly Deal is still a nicely designed card game.

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