Mario Monopoly

by The Beast!

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Click to search for Mario Monopoly sets on eBay!Click to search for Mario Monopoly sets on Amazon!Mario Monopoly is better known as the Nintendo Monopoly Collector’s Edition.

Like all of the hundreds of spin-offs of the original Monopoly, this version retains the original gameplay we all know and love. However, Mario Bros. game fans will delight in the detail!

Pictured at top right is the exclusive GameStop square box version. The game board includes features from the “big seven” Nintendo games of all time:

Donkey Kong
Star Fox

There are lots of collectable pewter tokens in the set which have assumed a market value in their own right. This is the perfect gift for a gamer/board gamer crossover, a huge fan of Mario, or a collector of Monopoly games.

We’ve sourced live eBay listings for you, plus a link to the sales page on Amazon! All you need to do is click. Alternatively, click here to search eBay for Mario Monopoly sets.

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