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The latest edition of Monopoly Canadian Cities came out in 2010, as part of the Monopoly game push to include consumers in voting for various cities to be included in “their” edition. This was first used to some success in the game Monopoly Here and Now World Edition, which saw some really strange inclusions, and some major world cities that were not included, due to the voting system which was Internet-based.

As with the World edition, the Canadian Cities edition had some really strange inclusions.

Chatham-Kent in Ontario and Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu in Quebec “won” the cherished Boardwalk and Park Place spots.

The full list of cities:

Original Monopoly 1935

Original Monopoly 1935

Quebec City
Medicine Hat
Kawartha Lakes
North Bay
St. John’s

The game is otherwise identical to the World edition, with the dreaded electronic banking replacing the age-old tradition of paper money. Takes some getting used to, and not all innovations are really time-saving in our opinion.

There are older editions of Monopoly based in Canada. Click to search for Canadian Monopoly games on eBay!Canadian Monopoly is not just one game. There are many minor variations available (for example, there’s Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver Monopoly-style games).

But the main Canadian Edition is just what you’d expect: a blend of all the major cities, presented in an official Monopoly package (many of the other titles on the market are unofficial, such as Late For The Sky games releases).

This game makes an excellent gift for people who have visited Canada and want to take something other than maple syrup home with them.

As well as getting to charge people rent for visiting Montreal, you can say “That’ll be 800 dollars, eh” when asking for the loot.

We’ve taken all the hard work out of finding the edition you want. As well as the eBay listing below, which features LIVE items (just click on any that take your fancy), we’ve also created links for you to the games we’ve found on eBay: St John’s, Calgary, Winnipeg and others from the Canadian ‘On Board’ series of Monopoly-lookalikes.

If you have played Monopoly Canada, please rate it here.

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