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Click to search for Star Wars Monopoly games on Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Star Wars Monopoly comes in many, many forms.

It is a real minefield trying to figure out which are worth having and which you should forget about.

We’ll do our best to cover all the different editions and report on the current market values, where known (prices quoted in May 2009).

Monopoly Clone Wars edition

Star Wars Monopoly Limited Collector’s edition

Billed as 1996 20th anniversary, this retails for $. Continues below

Monopoly Star Wars Saga edition

Click to search for Star Wars Monopoly games on Amazon!Star Wars MonopolyStar Wars Episode 1 Collector’s edition

Star Wars Classic Trilogy edition

Obviously aimed at people who shudder at the thought of Lucas and his Episodes I – III, the Classic Trilogy edition focuses on the first three movies (Episodes IV – VI).

Star Wars Original Trilogy edition

(Did anybody say “Cash in”?) YET ANOTHER edition based on the first three movies from the 70s and 80s. New box and components.

Star Wars Episode 1 edition

Obviously if you have the Episode 1 Collector’s edition, you MUST buy the Episode 1 regular edition (ahem). If you’re one of THOSE collectors who demand completion, well, the bad news is this edition costs $.

Star Wars Monopoly Saga edition in a tin

This is THE Monopoly Star Wars set to get. Comes with eight different collectible tokens and the tin, not to mention the highest price tag of the lot.NONE on eBay!

We hope that’s cleared up the Monopoly Star Wars editions for you. We’re just as confused as you, if that’s any consolation… And there’s bound to be others we haven’t discovered yet, so please comment on this page with more information.

Dozens more Monopoly pages on Boardgame Beast are linked below the eBay items.

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Jun 01, 2012

star wars monopoly episode 1 regular edition


by: elgimpster

What is the regular edition star wars set?, what is

the difference between the two (collectors and

regular sets)? can you post or e-mail a picture of

the regular set to me?. at [email protected]

I don’t recall seeing a regular episode 1.

Also I have a picture of a different episode 1 that

I don’t know if hasbro ever made. this one has a

black and silver cover with a young Anaka Skywalker

and his pod racer on the cover. Do you know

any thing about it?. I will be happy to e-mail or

fax you the picture.


[email protected]

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