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by The Beast!

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Click to buy Put Yourself In The Game from Amazon UK!Want custom Monopoly games? Then you’re limited to either the Internationally-available Make Your Own Monopoly Game set or the pictured Put Yourself In The Game, which is marketed by Hasbro in the UK only.

The link we’ve provided is to Amazon UK. It may cost you a little more in shipping and you’ll have to live with CLUE being called CLUEDO, but it’s the only way to get hold of this interesting printer-based game accessory.

With the aid of a regular home printer, you can customize the following games: Monopoly, CLUE, Operation, Guess Who?, Twister and Trouble, along with the tabletop soccer game Subbuteo.

Get your and your family’s real faces on the existing board games (you’ll have to supply your own original games, of course). Quite a fun gift and a fantastic craft activity for the family.

Regular price on Amazon UK is a shade over 7 Pounds Sterling (May 2009), but we found them for sale on eBay UK from a few pennies. Good deal!

Dozens more Monopoly pages on Boardgame Beast are linked below the eBay widget.

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