Peanuts Monopoly

by The Beast!

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Click to order Peanuts Monopoly from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Peanuts Monopoly combines two of America’s greatest loves: Peanuts (also known as Snoopy in some circles) and Monopoly!

You could make a very strong argument for Calvin and Hobbes, but Peanuts must rank among the greatest (certainly the most enduring) comic strips of all time.

Its cast of instantly memorable and loveable characters stays with children into adulthood, when they feel honor-bound to attempt to get their kids away from Japanese anime and reading 50-year-old strips instead. With limited success.

We suspect that adults will make up most of the demographic buying the Peanuts Monopoly edition. So, if you have one eye on the mortgage payments but can’t wait to have one of these cool editions, then you’ll be happy to hear that

Click to order Peanuts Monopoly from Amazon!We just HAD to show a close-up pic of the adorable tokens from this set!

We’re on the fence about this (or perhaps that should be “on the kennel”) as an investment; Will there be enough Peanuts fans around in 30 or 40 years’ time to support a big price jump? Time will tell.

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