UPS Monopoly

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

Click to search for UPS Monopoly on eBay!Click to search on eBay!UPS Monopoly is really stretching the point a little, isn’t it?

I can understand all kinds of versions of Monopoly existing. Disney, John Deere, The Simpsons… All worthy ideas. But UPS?

What is exciting about a parcel delivery company? What will we see next, Sewage Treatment Plant Monopoly? Road Sweeper Monopoly? Garbage Collection Monopoly?

I guess this is simply a ruse by UPS to either make money, or get some publicity. Of course the poor collector has to pick up the tab, because if you want a COMPLETE Monopoly collection, then you need to buy a copy.

If you know anybody who works for UPS, then you might be able to score a freebie.

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