James Bond Monopoly

by The Beast!

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Click to find James Bond Monopoly on eBay!James Bond. Monopoly. What a perfect combination!

Both were massively important during the formative years of millions of children… especially boys, we suspect.

There’s something so undeniably MALE about 007.

The cars, the gadgets (most of them designed to kill people in cool ways), the cars, the fight scenes, the cars, the women and the cars.

The white Lotus that turned into a submarine, now THAT defined cool for at least a year after you saw it.

As for Monopoly, well, we run the risk of offending cut-throat female gamers out there by declaring that this, too, presses more male than female buttons.

Of course anybody can enjoy the game, but only boys take it seriously enough to fall out with lifelong friends over their weekly session.

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