Deluxe Monopoly

by The Beast!

(Boardgame Beast HQ)

Click to order Deluxe Monopoly from Amazon!Deluxe MonopolyClick to order Deluxe Monopoly from Amazon! adds a few extras, but no real thrills to the original Monopoly game.

There are ten gold-color playing tokens, a specially designed bank tray and property card holder for easy of finding them during play. Apparently there’s more detail and color on the board. At that price, we feel it’s worth stretching your Visa card just a little further and investing in the currently discounted original Monopoly 1935 edition. When we hear the word “deluxe”, THAT is what we expect to be buying into. Not a plastic card holder.

eBay sellers have slashed the price on the second-hand market for the inferior ‘deluxe’ Monopoly to 99c in some cases, so if you gotta have this set, you can have it cheaper. But we say, go for the 1935 edition. It’s gorgeous. Unless you can afford Franklin Mint Monopoly, of course.

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