Monopoly train car Christmas ornament

by Tom Warin

Monopoly train car ornament. Because it's collectible, cats love to attack them! Buy @ Amazon.Click to buy this item from Amazon!Monopoly train car Christmas ornament

Recent studies conducted by myself and my cat indicate that cats get far more enjoyment from knocking a Christmas ornament off of the tree and batting it around the house if the ornament is “collectible”.

The exact mechanism is unknown, but it’s clear that cats have an innate sense of the worth of every item you possess so that they can select the most valuable ones for chewing, drooling, breaking and general merriment.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that a Monopoly train car Christmas ornament is a suitable gift for both Monopoly-lovers and mischievous cats alike.

You want one: Amazon has them. Although the ornament is unfortunately (from a cat’s point of view) pretty much unbreakable, it does come with a shiny gold thread which is technically for hanging the ornament, but which the cat will assume is there for his or her entertainment.

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