Pre Teen Party Games for 9-12yrs

Your search for fun and value Pre Teen Party Games is over! Boardgame Beast has the best selection of ‘Tween party games, designed to break the ice for this difficult age group.

Best ‘Tween Party Games

Need help for pre-teen parties? Boardgame Beast can help! The key to breaking the ice in this age group is fostering healthy competition and, especially for boys, having a goal to aim for.

Use 2-4 player games and set up structured leagues or cup playoffs, with prizes for the winners (maybe the winners could get to keep the board game!). Or make it a girls vs boys contest (we know who’s going to win THAT one… right, ladies?).

In no particular order, here’s our list of Top 10 pre-teen party games. Each one offers value for money and excellent gameplay. Where games are not really suitable for informal parties, we mention it.


This is a good game for a smaller group, and is great for Halloween or spooky sleepover parties! Because it takes a while to play, you may want to set this up earlier in the party, so the kids still can focus on the task.

Jenga stacking game

The polar opposite of CLUE, Jenga is really great for big groups, and when kids get jittery, it makes more collapses happen! There are loads of themed versions available, so you’ll find something for every occasion.

The Game of Life

Another slower game that is more suited to smaller parties or slumber parties. Life is also available in multiple versions, so you can keep on theme as much as possible. This one can actually teach life lessons to kids who are paying attention.

Pass the Pigs

If your child can throw two dice, then they can play this fun pre-teen party game. It’s easy, yet while the game is mostly luck based, there is a tantalising element of psychology and risk to reward that makes it very funny to play. Suitable for small or larger groups.

The T-Shirt Game

Inane humor and funny votes make T-Shirt a hit for this age group. We wish they would come out with a more adult version: it would be a smash in our household, as for adults, this game is a little too PC for its own good.


The classic family card game, UNO is a great choice of ‘Tween party games. It can be played with medium sized groups, is easy to learn, and fun. There are lots of themed versions available.


Only playable for up to four at a time, but quick, with the average game lasting 10-15 minutes, you can set up two or more Blokus sets and have multiple games running if there are more than four people at the party, or arrange a league or knockout tournament.

The Chain Game

A good choice for medium sized groups, this ‘Tween game sets kids the challenge of keeping a chain going by word association around a circle. Simple fun.

Doodle Dice

Rolling dice may sound dull, but it’s fun to use the pieces of image on the dice to make up pictures on the face-up cards on the table. Lots of people can play too.

Yahtzee Free For All

While there are lots of Yahtzee games editions, and you can probably find one to suit your party theme, Free For All is a more interactive experience for up to six players, where everybody shares the communal dice. Regular Yahtzee is more about a single playing rolling before passing the dice, so Free For All is the better party game.

Don’t see your favorite pre-teen party games here? Send us board game reviews!

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