Best Easy Party Games for Kids Aged 3-5yrs

If you have kids aged 3-5yrs, you know that Easy Party Games are essential. Whether you’re organizing this year’s Halloween party, or need game ideas for a birthday party, these fun indoor games for kids will be a huge hit.

Halloween Pick

Twister games

Twister games

Most Active Game

Cranium Hullabaloo

Cranium Hullabaloo

If you need easy party games for kids (boys or girls, aged 3-5), then Boardgame Beast can help! While there are many choices for preschool to Kindergarten age kids, there are some bad or ill-advised choices you can make. Let us set you straight, because the right games set a great tone for any party! You can even give the board games to the children as prizes to take home with them.

Here’s our top recommendations, depending on your party, in no particular order. A party game suitable for Halloween may be just as good as another game that’s really perfect for a girl’s tea party, for example, so ranking them would not make sense.


What is special about Twister is its surprising appeal to all age groups. Even adults can play it, though the appeal for young kids is very different, being about taking part, not being competitive with one another. A good investment, as you can bring this out year after year. A great physical challenge that promotes flexibility and courage. There are many different Twister games with different themes, plus more portable editions, outdoor giant Twister games, and more.

Candy Land

There’s not much to say about Candyland: it’s super-colorful, requires no reading or math skills, and is perfect for the 3-5yrs age group. Up to four can play, so for smaller parties it can be a good distraction. There are some fun gift items which use the famous game’s theme, so if you’re planning a candy-themed Halloween or birthday party, this is great.

Cranium Hullabaloo

While there are plenty of Cranium board games for teen to adult players, not many are designed for this age group. Thankfully, Hullabaloo is the exception. It’s a terrific game, loaded with action and activity, noise and funky fun!


Set up your Kerplunk game, and we guarantee that kids will flock to its rattling marbles like bees to honey. It can take a while to reset, so it’s wise to have other activities going on nearby, and watch for toddlers with the marbles.

Littlest Pet Shop

LPS is a very popular theme, and even if you’re “only” having a dog- or cat-themed party, the Littlest Pet Shop game will be a great fit. The cute characters and simple game play make it a good choice of board game for preschool kids.

Don’t see your favorite children’s board game here? Send us board game reviews!

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