Lunch Money Game

by Al

(Pennsylvania, USA)

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Lunch Money
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Atlas Games
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Quick verdict

Lunch Money is the violent adult card game that pits players against each other from Atlas Games. They recommend it for 2-4 players, but I have played in groups of over ten.

The game and gameplay

Each person is given five cards and 15 counters. Card types are: Attack, Defense, Weapon or Specialty. When your turn comes around you can attack a fellow player via an Attack card: kick, head butt, or trip, etc., and your chosen victim can either play a Defense card, if they have one, or take the punishment.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!If they have no Defense card, they are forced to lose the amount of counters marked on the Attack card.

If your victim has a Defense card: Dodge, Block, etc., then your attack fails and your victim loses no counters. You and your victim would then discard the used cards and pick up more, until there are no more.

Other card types are Weapons, that are kept and not discarded like other Attack cards, but they can be Defended against by other cards, such as a Disarm card.Specialty cards are just as they sound: special. Many allow you to use multiple cards to do a combo attack, such as punch your victim and kick them in the ribs. There are a few variations as to card types, so it makes it more fun.
Pros and cons

Lunch Money is a simple game to learn, and is more fun the more people you have, although you will have to use multiple decks if it is more than four people. The winner is the last one with counters left at the end.

Games can be short with fewer people, but using multiple decks and many people it is longer, but more enjoyable.

The verdict

I would not recommend Lunch Money for children under 15, since by that age they understand that pretend violence meted out to other people is just that, pretend. But is a great way to spend an hour or so amongst friends that offers many laughs and a lot of fun.

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