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The T-Shirt Game
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Buffalo Games
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Quick verdict

The T-Shirt Game is a simple and great idea that’s hampered by trying to be too politically correct. It is playable by any group and will not offend anybody, but I can’t help feeling that a more edgy edition could have become a party game classic.

The game and gameplay

Everybody gets three Slogan cards. Once used, these are replaced from the Slogan deck.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!One player becomes a judge on each round. He turns over the top T-Shirt card to reveal the image for that round.

Now each player selects one of their slogan cards and tries to create a funny match with the T-shirt image. These slogans are placed face-down on the table.

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The T-Shirt Game judge jumbles and then picks up all the Slogan cards and reads out each one, before making their judgment on which they think is the funniest match for the shirt design.The winning player for that round takes a Hot or Not card, reads it out loud and then places it face-up. Each Hot or Not card has a points total on it. A special BOO YAH! card can be used to steal somebody else’s Hot or Not card when first picked up.

The next person becomes the judge and play continues. Once one player reaches 3,000 points, they are the winner.

Pros and cons

What a shame! I really had high hopes for The T-Shirt Game and couldn’t wait to test it out. Unfortunately all the players felt that the slogans were really lame. Some examples:

I think I stabbed my brain
Hey honky tonk, your breakfast is gettin’ cold
And here she is… your mother
This outfit is very slimming

Obviously depending on the shirt image, these could be funny. But there are absolutely no rude, risque, offensive or insulting slogans and this makes the game anodyne, lifeless and flat, unless you are a crowd of sugar-rushing 11-year-olds.

The read-out-loud bits on the Hot or Not cards are weird, seemingly irrelevant and often even lamer than the shirt slogans. We loathed that aspect of the game and soon dropped it completely.

The art is nice, with a lot of variety in the T-shirt images. Nice to see some elements of the packaging are recycled.

The verdict

In fairness to The T-Shirt Game, the right crowd would love this, as the reviews on Amazon attest to. But — and it’s a BIG but — Buffalo Games has missed an opportunity here. Either the introduction of a ‘write your own slogan’ version, where people could become their own censors, or a proper, grown-up party game edition with more daring slogans, could have made this a truly brilliant experience.

Boardgame Beast gives The T-Shirt Game two-and-a-half footprints out of five. Click here to leave comments and submit your OWN score for this game!

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