Guess Who? game

by The Beast!

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Click to order the Electronic Guess Who? Extra Game from Amazon!Click to order the Electronic Guess Who? Extra Game from Amazon!Game:
Guess Who? game Extra edition
Board game manufacturer:
Number of players:
6-12 years

Quick verdict

Guess Who? Extra adds a new dimension to the classic observation game. It’s fun, though some of the additional rules are a bit spurious.

The game and gameplay

The original Guess Who game was a fairly limited two-player concept. The electronic Extra edition does add some new gameplay features and is well worth buying as a present for somebody who doesn’t have the original.

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The hinged red-and-blue plastic case is very similar in size and appearance to a laptop computer. It unfolds to create a two-sided play area, keeping each player’s side hidden from the other.

The object of the basic game is to select one character, monster, kid, animal etc. from a choice of 30. Then, using observation skills and questions, you eliminate possible suspects from a visual display below by closing little plastic windows.When you’ve finally narrowed down the choices to one, you will have deduced who your opponent chose and win that round, awarding yourself two points towards the suggested target of ten to win the match.

The main difference with Guess Who? game Extra is the Yes and No buttons on top of the unit.

Cover Girl Spot The Difference for cell phones!Instead of answering verbally, you hit one of the two buttons, which flash coloured lights and play relevant sound effects. In the basic game, these are fun, if a little unnecessary, but they come to the fore in the time trial game.

Four different groups of character for a total of 120 possible faces makes for quite a strong replay value. But the game’s lifespan is further improved with the addition of some more advanced games.

Wild is a fairly poor idea and isn’t helped by the use of very tiny pegs, which are just begging to be lost in the first five minutes you use them. You stick a peg beside three of the faces and, if the solution is one of those wild shots, you get an additional point.

Time is a very, very challenging concept and even adults will have trouble with it! You set the counter to level one (hard), two (very hard) or three (you’d better be an ambi-dextrous genius) before play begins. Now the Yes and No buttons are very important, as they dictate how much time