Blokus World Tour

by Amanda Nettgen


Blokus World Tour!

Blokus World Tour

Rating out of five:


+ The classic Blokus gameplay to enjoy on your PC!
+ Nicely done graphics and decent sound FX
+ Can be played on your own or with other players present
– Last level is too hard!

Click to download Blokus World Tour from Amazon! is the downloadable version of the award-winning board game, plus a whole lot more. It has a rich single player experience, but can be played with your friends as well.

You start in Japan and compete in Blokus game tournaments against computer opponents. You must pass the rounds to move onto the next World Tour country. Computers are of increasing difficulty, and you’ll be playing a few different versions of the real-life Blokus games (Classic, Duo, or Classic Two-Player) with each country.

As you annihilate the AI players, your personal Blokus prowess rank will go up. You start as a Rookie, but can advance to such labels as The Champ or The Star.

A breakdown of your Blokus game stats can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the screen each time you log in to play. It’ll tell you how many tournaments you’ve crushed, the number of Gold Bloks you’ve acquired, keep a tally of your completed challenges and count which curious-looking computer personas you’ve defeated. Ready to play Blokus? Download it now!

What are Gold Bloks and Challenges? If you’re familiar with the Xbox 360 system, Gold Bloks are kind of like achievements you earn by completing various tasks (finish a tournament or place 1,000 bloks, for example). They range from easy to get to nearly impossible. There are 21 Gold Bloks in all, and they look like Blokus pieces. They have their own special page for you to proudly display them from the game menu.

As for challenges, they’re another inclusion that’s an extra or bonus compared to playing just regular Blokus. You won’t be playing any Blokus games, but rather manipulating game pieces to meet the criteria described in a current one.

With Blokus World Tour, there is also Quick Play. Squeeze in a Classic, Duo, or Classic Two-Player game with some buddies without having to get out all of the pieces from the physical board game version. You can also practice playing against AIs ranging from Rookie to Legend on your own. Ready to play? Download it now!

Blokus World Tour has enough content to start a mini career for a participating gamer. The added features of Gold Bloks and challenges are truly appreciated. You can even go back and play it all over again from a higher starting difficulty (which you select when you create your character).

I personally have hit a wall playing this game, for two reasons. First, I cannot seem to beat the final country in the World Tour, despite numerous attempts – it’s just that hard (and I started on an overall difficulty level of easy, I think!). Secondly, the game won’t let me play my remaining challenges until I get a certain star rating on previous ones, which isn’t an easy task either.

If you’re a Blokus fan, Blokus World Tour is a fairly good investment. Just be prepared to be frustrated when you can no longer advance through the game.

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