Don’t Break the Ice

by Amanda Nettgen


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Don’t Break the Ice
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Milton Bradley/Hasbro
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Quick verdict

Don’t Break the Ice is a fast yet suspenseful strategy game that’s simple enough for the youngest of players. Even though contenders pound on ice, it’s not that loud.

The game and gameplay

The first step in playing Don’t Break the Ice is to set up the ice rink. Inserting the thirty-six cubes should prove easier than assembling say, Jenga (a similar strategy game).

Click here to Put Your Foot Down: submit your OWN Footprint Rating and leave comments for this game!The last couple of blocks can be tricky, though, as the whole thing is only held together by friction.

A lovable ice-skating polar bear takes center stage on a bigger set of ice squares. Your job is to not be the one responsible for drowning him.

You do this by taking turns knocking one (and only one) ice cube out of the board. You can play elimination-style when partaking with multiple people. Also try adjusting the polar bear’s location for new challenges.The game is a cheaper, less difficult take on Jenga. Players need to have a sense of balance and good motion control (i.e., don’t pound the whole rink in!).

Pros and cons

The biggest pro is that it’s fast while offering simple strategy. It’s a good tabletop baby-sitting game, less messy than the alternative game of Thin Ice.

Cons-wise, there just isn’t a whole lot going on with this game. And if you misplace an ice cube you’re kind of screwed, as you cannot substitute ones from your freezer.

The verdict

Don’t Break The Ice is okay as an occasional simple strategy game. Not for families who lose game pieces easily, because unlike Jenga, you can’t just make the playing field smaller.

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Oct 17, 2013

Don’t Break the Ice Report Card


by: Elisabeth

Don’t Break the Ice was a huge success and a favorite for a long time with our son. He was 3 when we introduced him to the game. He LOVED being able to hammer away at something without getting into trouble. It allowed us many opportunities to teach gentle touch verses rough hammering, we also were able to teach action/reaction, and consequences of our choices. If we tap it softly…. or if you hammer hard then…. He learned the game right away. He is six now and still enjoys playing. Grade given to game: “B”. Mallets are a strong plastic and can hurt if used inappropriately.

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