Risk computer game

by Amanda Nettgen


Get the Risk computer game today!

Risk computer game!

Risk 2 computer game

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+ Another fantastic interpretation of the world’s most-played war strategy tabletop game
+ Different play modes keep things interesting
– The look of the game has dated a little in the last decade

Amazon is the only place you can download the Risk 2 computer game! It’s a great price, too.

Sequels usually suck, but not in the game world, it seems. I don’t think they’ve made a bad version of the Risk game to date and Risk II for the PC is no exception.

Classic is identical to the Risk boardgame. It pretty much is, bearing in mind that it is a PC translation. If you played the first Risk for the PC, game technique will be the same, but with different graphics and movies of the battles.

Tournament mode is a combination of the two other game modes for points. You’ll be pitted against PC generals, each with their own persona like in the original Download Risk board game.

SameTime is the main reason to get Risk II. It’s generally a faster, more cutthroat Risk, unplayable without the aid of a computer tracking system.

Everyone takes their turn at the “same time”, with the option to gang up on an enemy country using two bordered nations instead of just one. There’s still reinforcements and fortification, but the mass war is likely to eliminate you quickly until you get the hang of it.

It plays with a 12-sided die instead of a six, which appears to appeal more to seasoned strategists than down-on-their-luck troops. It’s quite interesting all in all.

Hot-Seat means more than one person playing on the same PC. The game comes complete with tutorials and charts.

If you consider yourself to be the #1 Risk fan, Risk II should prove to be ideal for you. It has easy point-and-click maneuverability, lively colors and nifty sounds.

The graphics in Risk II are sub-par, though (in came out in 2000). Also, clicking to roll the dice fifteen times in a row – in addition to a couple other aspects – can start to get repetitive.

If you’re considering getting a Risk computer game, why not jump straight to Risk II? You’ll get the classic Risk game, plus a whole lot more.

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Nov 02, 2010

risk II

by: chris c


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