Risk board game strategies

by Jon Peters

(Quebec, Canada)

Extra rules and diplomacy makes Risk even more fun

Extra rules and diplomacy makes Risk even more fun

A typical game of Risk the board game requires tactics, luck, strategy and negotiation.

Risk is even more fun if you add more rules to it. For instance, “Territory grab” is where you get to choose where your provinces are. Choosing a Capital province always takes strategy, making sure it is well-guarded by surronding areas.
Risk Game
“Tatical move” is, after the attack turn, you transport your troops into other provinces, with no limit to the number of movements from one adjacent territory to another.

Throwing in some diplomacy is always fun: declaring war, alliances and border agreements, just to name a few.

The way I play it, Risk isn’t about luck, it’s about cunning diplomacy, making agreements sound good, then using it to your advantage. For instance, one game I was playing with a couple of friends. It was later in the game, so it was hard to take over a province.

I came up with a deal between Kamatchaka and Alaska, so that we would reconquer it back and forth. The object of that was so we would gain Risk cars every turn. I would end up keeping both provinces because my turn was last.

Eventually I came up with a massive army of 110 men in the Ukraine, I crushed armies leading me to Kamatchaka. Since I went last, it was my turn to conquer it and he had moved his armies elsewhere. I ended up conquering the world in one turn.

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Dec 30, 2011


by: agom

I am in iran

we played it.

the best game in the world.

Nov 15, 2011

Im confused

by: Doggie

Im confused . . . I came here to look at how to play Risk . . . and this came up . . . how do u play this game anyway? its so confusing . _ .’

Jun 18, 2010

Risk 2210

by: Anonymous

Very interesting. I have also found Riskapades.com to have some interesting strategy tips and cool videos about Risk 2210 (the best Risk Version).

Apr 06, 2010

[email protected]#$

by: Anonymous

that was [email protected]#$

Feb 14, 2010

The best game ever!

by: Brad age 13

I was given risk when i was 11 and only played it properly with 3 friends when is was 12 and a half. It is a great game; fun, exciting, challenging and requires skill and brains. The noly draw back is it can get boring so i advise to make your own extra rules up such as peace treaties and alliances. Also deal out the territory cards at the beggining to make it more challenging compared to just picking terrotories.

Please excuse the spelling 🙂

Dec 09, 2009


by: Anonymous

This is the worst game ever!!

I hated it an it was so boring,

I wanted to hit my head agenst a curb!!

Oct 11, 2009


by: Anonymous


Feb 24, 2009


by: keraj

the strategies are decent but also very obvious and also would only of worked on half the opponents ive played



-human opponents 22/23 world dominations

-ps2 computer on medium level and hard level 65/66 world dominations

7/7 mission completions

4/4 capital

favorite strategy-manipulating everyone in early australian and s.american domination and taking over n.america while they weaken each other

Jan 11, 2009


by: Anonymous

Risk is a fun, competitive game and can be very tiring and intimidating at times. I would recommend you buy it and play it as much as possible.

Your review was not the best – for fellow risk players:

1.Australia is a good continent to control at the beginning of the game, since it’s easy to hold (it only has one point of attack from outside the continent) and get the continent bonus. South America, with only two points of attack, is almost as good.

2.When you control a continent, position your armies to protect the points of attack much more so than the less vulnerable interior countries.

3.Whenever possible, attack with a large group or armies rather than a medium-sized one.

4.Hold on to wild cards as long as possible at any point in the game.

5.When trying to complete a mission, take steps to make sure that you don’t make it obvious what your goal is. If you don’t mask your intentions, your opponents will catch on.

Just google risk strategies and help.

Jan 03, 2009


by: Juliana

This game was the best game ive evered played it’s fun with friends and family. It’s a competive game that you’ll love when you learn. If you don’t have it buy it for sure you won’t be sorry!!!!

Dec 28, 2008


by: Anonymous

that was stupid

Apr 06, 2008


by: DMJJ

I will try these strategies, thanks

Mar 14, 2008


by: Anonymous

L have only recenrly played risk but l think it is one of the best board games ever made and l hope that they will be made more in the future.

Feb 14, 2008


by: Anonymous

that was stupid

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