Killer Risk Board Game Strategy: CRUSH Your Enemies! By General Beastman

Risk board game strategy: Take Australia Early

Our Risk board game strategy guide will eventually become the leading resource on the planet.

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Australia: The Defensive Strategy

In most games of Risk, somebody takes Australia early on. Read our Risk board game strategies: Australia guide for more help.

South America: Be Aggressive

You can’t sit back in South America or you’ll be eaten alive. Read the Risk board game strategies: South America article and get your angry head on!

Africa: Uh-Oh, We’re In Trouble

One of the most difficult ways to win Risk revealed in Risk board game strategies: Africa. Be afraid, be very afraid…

North America: Too Much Like Real Life

Once your power base is established, North America is very hard to take back, as these Risk board game strategies: North America prove.

Asia or Europe: Keep Your Power Concentrated

If everybody else has rushed to grab the “easy” continents, then you may be forced to attempt either Asia or Europe. Find out how to take them on.

General Risk Strategies

Use these Risk game strategies to make your all-round play improve.

Dice-Throwing Tips

If you believe these dice Risk board game tips will help… read ’em! We think it’s a load of tosh.

Risk Rules Video

Learn how to play Risk with our Risk board game rules video and written guide.

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