Risk board game strategies: Asia and Europe

by Craig Reede


Risk board game strategies: Asia and Europe

Ultimately, every game of Risk starts the same. A mad dash for Australia, people taking South America as a second choice, a few people settle for North America and Africa – leaving a couple players with the sad options of Europe or Asia left to them.

Some might be tempted to establish a foothold in Europe – after all, you get five bonus armies for holding it, and there are only seven territories to defend.

Don’t bother – Europe can be attacked from Greenland, Ural, Afghanistan, Middle East, Egypt and North Africa, and is an easy target for an aggressive player starting in Brazil who manages to break into Africa.

Ukraine is also a highly coveted strategic territory – there will be more than one player looking to pair up Middle East and Ukraine to establish a strong border.

Ukraine is a great asset, but unless you have significant strength to back it up, it is just a territory that can be attacked by six others.

Risk board game strategies: Asia and Europe are impossible to hold

Asia is even more difficult to keep and hold, but for entirely different reasons.

First and foremost – mass. Eleven territories are incredibly difficult to take in the first place; the second you do, every single player is going to attack you in an effort to prevent you from earning those seven bonus armies.

And since Asia borders almost everyone, you can bet one of them will be successful.

(Taking and holding Asia is possible – but you need to control Australia first. If you can control the whole of Australia, and secure Kamchatka, Middle East and Ukraine, you should be nearly impregnable. However, once you are strong enough to do that, odds are you have already won the game anyway!)

Risk board game strategies: Asia and Europe migration

The very best thing to do if you are forced into these continents is to become somewhat migrant. One large army fortification that moves around the board taking easy targets.

Few are going to challenge this juggernaut if they don’t have to – and by taking at least one easy territory a turn, you are gaining the cards you need to make that pile of armies grow.

Yes – you aren’t looking to defend the territories you keep, but there is a good chance you will keep most of them anyway, earning you some reinforcements.

If you have a large pile of armies, other players with firm footholds elsewhere don’t want to get anywhere near you, for fear that you will sweep in and wreck their defenses. Sure, an attack like that too soon would devastate you as well, but why take chances?

Risk board game strategies: Asia and Europe aggression

After several turns of this, the game should unfold a bit and you can begin to assess the best spot to attack.

Watch for an opening – you are going to want to go somewhere that you can win a devastating victory, and still have enough left over at the end to defend your newly won territory.

Australia is ideal, but sometimes Africa is just as good. Even better – if you can hit your opponent so hard that you knock them out of the game and take their cards at the right moment, you will go from a group of migrants to the #1 power in the game.

Risk board game strategies: Asia and Europe summary

It’s all about pacing and timing. Don’t take too many territories while you are the “roving band” – only enough to earn your card and grow your troop mass.

You also want to leave yourself somewhere to go – so have your eye on the next move you want to make when making your fortification move.

You want easy targets that you can take without risking many of your own resources, keeping in mind that you eventual goal is to build as large a force as possible to bludgeon another player, leaving enough left over to defend yourself the following turn.

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