Risk gameplay questions

by Tiffany

(Richmond, VA)

Dear Beast,

I have several Risk gameplay questions:

1. Do you get reinforcements after taking over a new territory?

2. If not, how does a player move with only one troop in all of their territories.

3. Our game did not say anything about getting three troops before every move. Even so, if this were true, how would the game ever end?

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The Beast says:

Thanks for writing to BoardgameBeast!

1. No. The only time you get re-inforcements is at the BEGINNING of your turn. Normal re-inforcements (your territories divided by three, rounded down, for a minimum of three every turn) plus any sets of cards, plus any bonuses for continents held.

You DO receive a Risk card at the END of your turn if you have taken at least one new territory during that turn.

2. You cannot move if you have one troop in each territory, that is the absolute end of your turn.

3. It is a standard rule in all forms of Risk we’ve played. You’ll find that even with the minimum of three re-inforcements per turn, one player will get stronger and you’ll eventually be wiped out.

See our Risk board game strategy and rules HQ at Operation Genius for more details of how to play!

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Jun 30, 2010

In the Risk gameplay manual

by: The Beast

That is a direct quote from the Risk gameplay manual.

Jun 30, 2010

risk question

by: Anonymous

In one of your comments you explained that the official Risk rules require that a person who has six cards after eliminating a player must wait until their next turn to trade them in. Can you send me a link to an official page that says or tell me where you found this?

Aug 18, 2009

That’s not correct

by: The Beast

From the Risk official gameplay rules:

“If the player [who eliminated another player] now holds more than five cards as a consequence of capturing the opponent’s cards, he MUST hand in set(s) on the reinforcement phase of his next turn.”

NEXT TURN. Not this turn.

Aug 18, 2009

Risk Reinforcements

by: ekricket

One comment – there is another time when you can get reinforcements during your turn – if you take out a player that has cards, and this gives you more than five cards – you have to trade in sets immediately until you have less than five cards. This should be an integral part of your end game strategy, using this principal to gain momentum to carry you through to the end or at least make you impregnable. Often this makes the difference between which opponent to take out – if you think you can take either opponent A or B, and one has four cards and one has one – take out the one with four first. This will give you the bonus of adding reinforcements during the middle of your turn (assuming you had at least one card already), and often enable you to move on and take the other opponent out.

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