Star Wars Risk Original Trilogy Edition

by The Beast!

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The Risk boardgame is one of my all-time favorites. At one stage of my life, I would assemble with three to four other wannabee Generals every Wednesday night to drink wine, beer and/or coffee, eat copious amounts of Licorice Allsorts and fight over the multi-color simplified world map that is Risk.

Since those days, multiple versions of the game have been released; most have met with resistance from purists and most have added unnecessary complications to the original rule set. But you can understand that — otherwise, it’s just a prettier version with little Stormtroopers or Hobbits in place of soldiers. Fans of the licenses would complain that this is a mere cash-in with no innovations. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Continues belowThis version lets you play with one of only three factions — Rebels, Empire, or Hutts — and introduces Faction cards with “powers” to help your side win the war.

The general reaction from buyers of the game has been positive (4* on Amazon), so if you don’t mind learning a more complex game than the original, consider adding Star Wars Risk Original Trilogy Edition to your collection.

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