The Risk Cockroach

by Bug Sister


The Risk cockroach. He looks harmless enough...

The Risk cockroach. He looks harmless enough…

My family’s favorite board game is Risk, and my youngest brother is known as “The Cockroach” when we play this game. Let me explain just exactly how a young man who is otherwise an easygoing (even sluggish) personality can metamorphose into a cockroach.
Risk Game
It is because, in this game, you just cannot kill him. He loses countless territories – never seems to win a battle – and yet he just keeps coming back.

We have played this game for hours and hours – during a marathon play of the Lord of the Rings, on cold snowy nights when there was nowhere else to go. It doesn’t matter. He gets down to a few countries, things are looking really bad, and then he comes right back.

He wins the game. Always. Never fails. I don’t know if he has ever lost a single game of Risk.

Trying to beat my brother at the game is one of our favorite family pastimes. My children are aware of this phenomenon – we have played many times together. My parents are aware of this phenomenon – we have all tried to beat him countless times.

I think it has brought us together in many ways, and it is almost always guaranteed that all of us will gang up on him during the game to try to make him lose, but he just keeps coming back.

Kill a cockroach. Squish it dead. Lop off its head. It will come back unless you kill it deader than a doornail. Just like my brother when he plays Risk.

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