Risk board game tips

by Calcium Dust

(Madison, WI)

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Risk board game tips: when you don’t know how many dice to throw in defence or attack, these ideas should help.

Sweet talking and dealing with your opponents will only get you so far: the make-or-break portion of the game is your dice rolling choices.

On the Attack:

Although attackers lose all ties, the attacker has the advantage or rolling three dice.

Always roll your maximum amount of dice. Under no circumstances should you ever roll less than three dice (unless of course you are attacking with three or less armies). The defense can defend with a maximum of two dice, which means that you are giving yourself the best possible chance of victory by rolling three dice instead of two.

Pick your battles… well. You should rarely fight until you have one army left on an attacking territory. Leaving your territories defenseless is the worst move one can make.

Unless you can fortify your border territories at the end of your turn, don’t fight to the finish. This should only be even considered if your opponent has just one or two territories left and you are trying to finish them off.

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Risk board game tips for the Defense:

Defenders can roll a max of two dice but they win all ties (as mentioned above).

Don’t use two dice, “just because you can”. It’s nearing the end of the game, your opponent has amassed 25 armies on Kamchatka and is assaulting Alaska, you only have eight armies defending the sparsely-defended interior of North America… do you just roll two dice until the very end? NO!

You must be extra careful now, a few careless rolls and you could be out of the game. The smart player would roll only one die. This allows the player to last more than four rolls and may allow the player to take out a good portion of his opponent’s armies before they walk into the interior.

I hope these tips will help you in your quest to rule the world. Happy Rolling!

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