Super-Fun Christmas Games For You!

The ultimate Christmas Games and holiday board game collectibles guide! All guaranteed to breed fun, laughter and shared happiness whenever you play them together.

This page will help you find the very Christmas family games, Christmas adult games and Christmas kids’ games!

Some Great Ideas For Christmas Party Games

Here at Boardgame Beast, we firmly believe that Christmas isn’t Christmas without some shared gaming experiences.

No matter what your crowd’s make-up, be it all one generation, a mix of family and friends, or an annual family reunion with all age groups and preferences represented, we’ve got something for you.

Read on for our recommendations, or share your own ideas.

Best games for mixed age groups:

Nightmare Before Christmas Jenga

Christmas Bingo games

Abandon Ship board game


Bohnanza card game

Carcassonne game

Pack and Stack

Sequence board game

Ticket to Ride board game

A Christmas Story Monopoly

Best games for kids only

UNO Christmas Peanuts edition

Aggravation board game

Candy Land (very young players with parents)

Connect Four (two-player game)

Battleship (two-player game)


Littlest Pet Shop game (very young players with parents)

Mall Madness (girls only)



Best games for adults

Apples to Apples

Acquire board game

Puerto Rico board game

The Newlywed Game

Lost Cities (two-player game)

Ninja vs Ninja (two-player game)

The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

Settlers of Catan

Jeopardy! board game

Ingenious board game

Share Your Ideas!

We’ve tried to find as many Christmas board games as possible. But it’s a huge task. If your favorite holiday game editions aren’t here, then please send us your own board game reviews.

We’ll publish your ratings and opinions for others to benefit from and may even offer you a coveted position on our team of freelance writers!

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